Bird Cage 2015

Parasite Architecture Installation in Park at Gleisdreieck, Berlin
10 Meters Wire, 60 Meters of Wood, 5000 Meters Caution Tape
20 Meters x 25 Meters Enclosed Space
In occasion of "One Hectar" environmental art festival in the frame of Global Oil Week 2015 (Iass Potsdam)

One vulnerable patch of nature in public space – surrounded by a wall of caution tape – evokes concepts of safety zones and no-go areas. It addresses the notions of exclusivity and inclusivity.

Parasite Architecture surrounds Nature
The structure of the installation is informal, temporary, weak, imperfect, unfinished, and formless. Informal things can change faster and provide more room for change. Expressions of the transience of the informal are migration and cultural diversity.