Caution Sculpture 2007

Installation in the Exhibition: Intervention, curated by Richard Ducker, Fieldgate Gallery, London, UK
Sculpture, Wood, Caution Tape, Dimensions 1200 x 1100 x 270 cm

In the Para-Architectures series Caution-Place, is the abstractive-sculptures build during the performance series like “Attenzione’ or “Caution” developed in a useable architectures building made of the caution taps. This Par-architectures/public-spaces give a temporary platform for different performances uses by myself, other artists, and public.

Intervention There is deliberately no theme behind this exhibition, though inevitably thematic associations will emerge. Rather, the intention is to bring together a collection of artists, some of whose work responds directly to the space, while also being open and forgiving enough to allow their piece to intrude into the works of others, or host the work of another. Though not all the artists are ‘installation’ artists, there is an attempt to explore the idea that all the work in this exhibition exists within a succession of installations. In all group shows the artwork interacts with its neighbour through a variety of ways: association, narrative, contrast, etc., but in this case there will be the addition of some works directly intervening with its neighbour. It will raise questions as to whether this is an intervention, or perceived more aggressively as invasion, or seen in the light of collaboration. The curatorial balance will be between maintaining the integrity of each work whil ensuring that it plays its role as part of the ‘installation’ of the whole exhibition. Inevitably, to some extent this is a normal practise, but in the case of installation art, which normally commands its own spatial logic, it invites a different challenge within these relationships, opening up questions as to where one work ends and another begins, notions of authorship, and the power relationship between artist and curator, while sustaining a cogent exhibition.

Intervention, Fieldgate Gallery, London, UK
15 September - 13 October 2007
Curated by Richard Ducker
Artists: Maria Anwander, Ruben Aubrecht , Paul Carter, Amanda Couch, Phil Coy, Cinzia Cremona, Richard Ducker, Shahram Entekhabi, Lothar Gotz, Andrea Gregson, Andy Harper, Aisling Hedgecock, Julian Hughes Watts, Charlie Jeffery, Christy Johnson, Fiona MacDonald, Sarah Pucil, Laura White