Hazard 2008

Sculpture and Performances Festival in Manchester City, UK
3000 Meters of Caution Tape, Enclosed in Manchester city centre

While Entekhabi could not get a visa for the UK and thus was not present at the festival, other festival artists performed his Caution piece in an act of solidarity, wearing a special sign on their backs.

Focussing the aspect of the transient within the idea of the informal, Parasite Architecture relates it to questions of migration and cultural diversity. Beyond the literal sense of "weak" structures, it combines various architectural approaches.
In many places around the world, Shahram Entekhabi created informal extensions to existing architectures (e.g. museum architectures) or constructed independent temporary spaces. However, these informal architectures are always constructed in public space (as part of the Caution performances that are documented on video) and they are always made from caution tape - suggesting ideas about safety zones and no go areas and indicating aspects of exclusivity and inclusivity in public space.

Hazard is a biennial micro-festival of incidental intervention + sited performance, blurring the boundaries between art and activism…
Organized by greenroom is Manchester’s centre for new extraordinary performance and hÅb, programmed by Tamsin Drury . . . Artistic, Architectural and Performative Interventions in Urban Space . . . A micro-festival of incidental intervention and sited performance, blurring the boundaries between art and activism… cheeky, thought-provoking and sometimes raunchy sprees of eccentricity…