Ikaz Istanbul  2007

Installation of a of parasite architecture, 2500 Meters of Caution Tape

Artistic, Architectural and Performative Interventions in Urban Space

In the Para-Architectures series Caution-Place, is the abstractive-sculptures build during the performance series developed in a useable architectures building made of the caution taps. This Par-architectures/public-spaces give a temporary platform for different performances uses by myself, other artists, and public.
Focussing the aspect of the transient within the idea of the informal, Parasite Architecture relates it to questions of migration and cultural diversity. Beyond the literal sense of "weak" structures, it combines various architectural approaches. In many places around the world, Shahram Entekhabi created informal extensions to existing architectures (e.g. museum architectures) or constructed independent temporary spaces.

Ikaz, 2007, Live Performance, Istanbul, Turky
Photographes: Alihan Aksungur
special thanks to: Erdem Dilbaz
Bigli university, Istanbul
Santralistanbul, Istanbul